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Zefiro Torna - Balsam


AR 010
Zefiro Torna
Zefiro Torna - Balsam

This recording is a synesthetic homage to music which explores the passion, lust, love, hallucination, and healing induced by herbs and flowers. It is a sensuous quest for the melting point at which very different repertoires and literatures dissolve into an unctuous and euphonious balsam for the mind and the soul. In its own inimitable interdisciplinarity, the Belgian ensemble Zefiro Torna takes us from Norway to Greece, from Virgil to Emile Verhaeren, and from Hildegard von Bingen and Guillaume du Fay to music newly composed in honor of the power of plants. A truly intoxicating experience.

Zefiro Torna - Balsam
    1. O Spectabiles Viri (03:06) - H. von Bingen
    2. La Rosée des Larmes (03:34) - J. Merckx
    3. Sous le Noyer (04:15) - J. Merckx
    4. Les Roses de Saadi (05:30) - P. Laloy
    5. A un Lilas (04:41) - J. Merckx
    6. Yggdrasil / Fossegangar (07:20) - R. De Cock
    7. Balsamus et Munda Cera (04:11) - G. Dufay
    8. Sous le Figuier I (00:56) - J. Merckx
    9. Purior in Vicis (01:21) - J. Merckx
    10. Sous le Figuier II (02:48) - J. Merckx
    11. Où Rien ne Bouge (05:25) - E. van Laethem
    12. Le Doux Désir Douloureux (02:54)
    13. Meninas Vamos à Murta (04:35) - J. Merckx
    14. Artemisia Absinthium (polska) (03:38) - J. Merckx
    15. To Yasemí (05:52)
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