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It's customary to associate Spring with the concept of beginnings, rejuvenation, of (re)birth. It is however uncommon knowledge that this also applies to an allegedly barren region of Antarctica. Contrary to common belief, this conceived arid landscape is bursting with plant and animal life at the start of every vernal equinox. Penguins, in particular, are fierce nesters, this in eager anticipation of their chicks, who once hatched, are cared for and nurtured with ferocious tenderness and devotion.

Comparable to our winning waddlers, we (Evil) Penguins nourish and steadfastly harbor the evolution of our invaluable new (and existing) artists. We give an introduction into the fighting frosty world of the record market, a selection of compelling musicians whose talents and creativity are characterised by noteworthy essence and individuality. With unwavering guidance and support we solidly assist our artists each step of the way, from A to Z, from start to finish, at birth and rebirth, in this formidable environment. Whilst forever looking on to the exciting potentiality of our artists' rise.

Spring Releases

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