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Sofie Vanden Eynde - Vanishing point

Vanishing point

AR 036
Sofie Vanden Eynde
Sofie Vanden Eynde - Vanishing point

November 2016. Lute player Sofie Vanden Eynde is afraid that her heart is going to give out. Her doctor spells out the diagnosis in capital letters: burnout. She's a burnt-out building. Even the music is like a rope around her neck. Its as if her strings are sticky with adrenaline, playing is killing her. So she stops - for nearly a year.

Today she’s taking stock. Her strings speak differently now: the silence between the notes has taken on new meaning. The idea of losing herself in time no longer frightens her. Sofie has distilled her experiences with burnout into a new recital that explores the spaces between noise and clarity, confusion and stillness, discord and harmony. The recital presents music by John Dowland, Francesco da Milano and a new work by Vladimir Gorlinsky. In a new composition, the author Annemarie Peeters explores ways to put into words Sofie's journey to the breaking-point and back. This is a unique project shining light on a situation that many today will recognise: what happens when the regular beat of life falters?

The album is be accompanied by a graphic novel ("Verdwijntijd") by Annemarie Peeters and a listening play. The vinyl of the music is expected for summer 2022.

Sofie Vanden Eynde - Vanishing point
    1. Prélude and Chaconne en la mineur (I woke up at five) - Robert de Visée
    2. Lachrimae (Solo) - John Dowland
    3. Fantasie (I can do it) - Gregorio Huwet
    4. Fantasia Nr. 42 (Blurred) - Francesco da Milano
    5. Ricercar Nr. 51 (I fell) - Francesco da Milano
    6. Canción del Emperador (Sorry) - Luys de Narváez
    7. Vanishing Point - Vladimir Gorlinsky
    8. Ricercar 34 La Compagna (Shivering in the wind) - Francesco da Milano
    9. A Fancy (Beyond the fog) - John Dowland
    10. Les Sylvains (Tangled up in life) - Robert de Visée
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