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AR 048
Triunfal Quintet

"With the present album Continuado, we are building on the Piazzolla tradition in many ways. We play some of his staple works – think Oblivion – as well as hidden gems like Vayamos al Diablo and Concierto para Quinteto. Our very own Inti de Maet provided an arrangement of Piazzolla’s Libertango. We have also included work from local composers, who have added their own, personal, contributions to the tango nuevo genre. Jeroen D’hoe sought inspiration from the two most widely known Argentinian dances, the milonga and the tango, while Ben Faes decided to foreground the electric guitar, which tends to be somewhat left to oblivion. Both Two Argentinian Dances and La Noche Confusa were written especially for Triunfal Quintet. Speaking of ‘new tango’! Frédéric Devreese was, of course, hard to avoid. His love of tango is legendary and, as it turns out, a great source of inspiration for the young Jeroen D’hoe. Devreese wrote quite a number of works for quintet. We have opted for his Passage à 5." - Triunfal Quintet

    A. Piazzolla - Concierto Para Quinteto
    A. Piazzolla - Oblivion
    F. Devreese - Passage à 5: Introduction, Theme & variation 1 & Variation 2
    F. Devreese - Passage à 5: Variation 3 & 4, Finale
    B. Faes - La noche confusa
    A. Piazzolla - Vayamos Al Diablo
    J. D'hoe - Two Argentinian Dances: I. Milonga
    J. D'hoe - Two Argentinian Dances: II. Tango
    A. Piazzolla - Libertango (arr. Inti de Maet)
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