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We are sound fetishists. Our love of music and respect for the recording artist drive us to extremes on all levels of the recording process. In our experience, the choice of microphone and its placement within the recording space are the decisive factors which determine the depth and hence the quality of any recording.


As far as microphones are concerned, the Neumann M 150 is our first choice. A Neumann M 150 consists of a round bullet of 40mm with a titanium diaphragm. This bullet is larger than in other microphones, which results in a smooth and gradual directivity with rising frequencies. In the lower frequency range, the Neumann M 150 is a perfect omni-directional microphone which uniquely reproduces the lowest frequencies. In addition, we try to position the microphone pre-amplifier on the stage whenever possible.


A closer proximity of the microphone to the pre-amplifier reduces mode noise because gain does not have to be enhanced at the end of the run.The richest possible signal is aimed at by recording, editing and mixing at high sample frequencies (all 192 kHZ). For an optimum end-product, our recording engineers and artistic director closely co-operate during post-production, and while all takes captured at the recording session are (re-)considered in the editing scheme, preference is always given to the longest possible line.

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