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AR 055
Richard Cameron-Wolfe, Antwerp Cello Quartet
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This music is only digitally available.


"From the compressed vertical environment of Manhattan, Richard escaped in 2002 to the American Southwest – to live in the high-altitude vastness of northern New Mexico, a region of mountains, me- sas, a powerful traditional Native American culture, and the thriving Taos community of visual artists. There he was befriended by painter, violinist, and art gallery-owner Harold Geller. A richly re- warding friendship developed that flourished until Geller’s death in 2019. The composition of a work in his memory was inevitable, and Cameron-Wolfe’s cello quartet Telesthesia came into the world later that same year. The work’s subtitle, “13 episodes/ deliberations on multi-planar syzygy”, refers to the numerous times, after Geller’s death, that Cameron-Wolfe has seemed to have “seen” him – in a distant vision, or more directly in a crowd in a busy city, in a concert hall audience, along a distant mountain trail, or entering a shop - never reach- able, never confirmed. Yet always remembered." - Richard Cameron-Wolfe

This album is also available in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon.

    Telesthesia - 13 episodes/deliberations on multi-planar syzygy
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