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Mayke: STAGIONI 2.0


AR 059
Mayke Rademakers
Mayke: STAGIONI 2.0

"Stagioni is a symphonic ode to life and nature. Four seasons of beauty, rituals and eternity. It's a crossover piece that takes you from ancient composers, like Hildegard von Bingen, to the hypnotizing rhythms of minimal music, taking in Vivaldi, blues and explosive rock elements. I use a loop station and effect pedals that enables me to play polyphonic on my own, and next to the beautiful sound of the E-cello, I can demonstrate a wide range of varieties in sound and orchestration, all built up live on stage." - Mayke

Mayke: STAGIONI 2.0
    1. PRIMAVERA - Devozione
    2. PRIMAVERA - Seduzione
    3. ESTATE - Destino
    4. ESTATE - Rituale
    5. AUTUNNO - Nostalgia
    6. AUTUNNO - Rivoltoso
    7. INVERNO - Contemplazione
    8. INVERNO - Epilogo
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