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Johan Hoogewijs - Colouring The Keys

Colouring The Keys

AR 033
Johan Hoogewijs
Johan Hoogewijs - Colouring The Keys

With this project, Johan Hoogewijs is colouring at the piano. Each piece he plays is coloured differently depending on the inspiration of that particular moment. Improvisation (or instant composing as one jazz-man called it) is essential for the performance and content of these compositions. Each piece has a basic structure which each time is coloured differently depending on the flow of the moment. Hoogewijs goes looking for the soul of each piece, preferably his own soul, sometimes its romance. Nothing is black and white, not even the keys. He goes looking for what is happening in between the notes. The challenge is that it can meander in all directions, with dynamism, whereby he does not necessarily go looking for the purity of the sounds or minimalism but for the different layers of the music.

In contrast to his soundtracks, where he can only move within the “straitjacket” of the film, the assignment and the story, here Hoogewijs intentionally goes looking for freedom, the openness of just playing. Playing. In contrast, the storyline of a film is generally delineated and binding before its musical interpretation. This piano project is just the opposite; a meditative state of playing which immerses the listener as well in a bath of colours. The approach to and duration of each performance can vary widely.

As a result of the musical journey that Johan has made in the past and the diversity of styles and influences from his work for radio, TV and film, you can hear a whole range of colours and atmospheres with influences from jazz, classical and neo-classical music, ethnic influences and, here and there, even a bit of Americana. Hoogewijs seeks to go back to his early roots, before he composed film music, where names like Joni Mitchell, Weather Report and even Stravinsky and Debussy were major influences.

Johan Hoogewijs - Colouring The Keys
    1. West Coast (04:21)
    2. Tigris (04:43)
    3. Jewish Tales (04:01)
    4. The Colours of the Day (04:46)
    5. The Road (03:50)
    6. The Well (02:42)
    7. Tom's Hope (02:36)
    8. Lawrence & Agustina (03:34)
    9. Soulful (02:54)
    10. Here Comes a New Day (03:15)
    11. Denver Memories (04:46)
    12. Good Folks (03:12)
    13. Shuffle (03:01)
    14. Present and Past (05:20)
    15. Miss Elsie (03:28)
    16. Valse Jaune (02:56)
    17. Touch Wood (04:27)
    18. Easy Going (03:17)
    19. Americana (02:31)
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