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Glazunov: Rêverie Orientale

Rêverie Orientale

AR 054
Roeland Hendrikx Ensemble
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This music is only digitally available.

Glazunov: Rêverie Orientale

If Eastern art music has a folk heart, its arteries are Roma and Klezmer sounds. From the orientalist imagination of Glazunov, the Jewish adoption of Prokofiev, the Uzbek inspiration of Khachaturian, to the Romani-Hungarian roots of Kokai and the Balkanism of Jan van der Roost: all composers on this disc build on the same toolbox of themes and techniques, and they all rely on the clarinet as the ultimate interpreter of this lore. Acknowledged and exquisitely performed by the Roeland Hendrikx Ensemble.

Glazunov: Rêverie Orientale
    Aleksandr Glazunov - Rêverie Orientale
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