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Eline Groslot - In A Landscape

In A Landscape

AR 041
Eline Groslot
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This music is only digitally available.

Eline Groslot - In A Landscape

Composed in 1948 for solo piano or harp, Cage instructs on the score for the performer to sustain both the damper and sustain pedals together for the entire duration of the piece. He then instructs them to only be released at the very last bar of the piece. By doing this the performer is able to capture and sustain the harmonic of the instrument.

Cage sets up a strict symmetrical structure that the music follows at a slow pace. The mesmerising harmonics resonate throughout creating an ethereal atmosphere, which cleverly invited the audience to relax and reflect.

There is an absence of dynamics throughout which, paired with cyclical repetition of notes, creates a very still atmosphere. It’s been said that In A Landscape is one of the purest forms of minimalist music due to its single divine theme and stillness. It is the ideal piece of music to practise some personal mindfulness.

Read more about why Eline chose to record this piece on her extensive blog:

©️ Picture by Stefaan Van Damme

Eline Groslot - In A Landscape
    In A Landscape (J. Cage)
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