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Brisée II - George De Decker

ØRNEN 1897

AR 052
George De Decker
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Brisée II - George De Decker

Imaginary journeys are a recurring theme in the works of composer George De Decker. For this full-length concert, De Decker drew inspiration from René Daumal's unfinished novel 'Le Mont Analogue' (1908-1944). Daumal once wrote, "Climbing the summit serves only one purpose: the adventure of the unknown," a sentiment that could well serve as a motto for all art.

Harp, accordion, euphonium and double bass are combined with live electronics: an unusual, colourful, exciting cross-pollination. Five young, eminent musicians engage in dialogue with a sophisticated sound band at each concert. Their musical score, however, remains open to improvisation, allowing them to explore a wide range of tones, including vocal and instrumental sounds, natural acoustics, and computer-assisted sound manipulations.

Listen to the single “Brisée II” performed by SP!TSBERNGEN, an ensemble founded by the composer.

Brisée II - George De Decker
    1. Brisée
    2. Brisée I
    3. Brisée II
    4. Brisée III
    5. Brisée IIII
    6. Brisée V
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