Four Aces Guitar Quartet - For Aces

Four Aces Guitar Quartet combines classical masterpieces and arrangements of traditional folk and pop music. If previous album Odyssee was the story of a five year journey as an ensemble, then For Aces not only continues that journey, but it chooses a new adventurous path with compositions especially written for this cd. The composers with whom the quartet collaborated are Clarice Assad, Adam Clarke, Nuccio D'Angelo, Nejc Kuhar, Patrick Roux, Harry Sacksioni, Alain Selhorst and Johannes Möller.


1 Ouverture (Harry Sacksioni) 2 Three Memories: Letters from Zedelghem (Adam Clarke) 3 Three Memories: Murmurs on a Rooftop (Adam Clarke) 4 Three Memories: Scene through a Looking Glass (Adam Clarke) 5 Nelle Regioni del Sogno: Introduzione - Danza (Nuccio D’Angelo) 6 Nelle Regioni del Sogno: Tema e Contrappunti (Nuccio D’Angelo) 7 Droplet (Menno Buggenhout & Inti de Maet) 8 Aqua Cenas (Patrick Roux) 9 Four Aces Suite: Ace of Diamonds (Nejc Kuhar) 10 Four Aces Suite: Ace of Spades (Nejc Kuhar) 11 Four Aces Suite: Ace of Hearts (Nejc Kuhar) 12 Four Aces Suite: Ace of Clubs (Nejc Kuhar) 13 The Dream of Kaillash (Johannes Möller) 14 Tokyo: From Narito Airport to Tokyo station (Alain Selhorst) 15 Tokyo: Garden of Pureness (Alain Selhorst) 16 Tokyo: The City (Alain Selhorst) 17 Tokyo: Homonji Temple (Alain Selhorst) 18 Tokyo: From Tokyo Station to Haneda Airport (Alain Selhort) 19 D.A.N.Z.A (Clarice Assad)




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