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The Tansman Cello Quartet

The Tansman Cello Quartet, named after the Polish composer Alexandre Tansman, started life in 2010 from the meeting of four musicians from three different countries: Marinela Doko (Albania), Fernando Lima de Albuquerque (Brasil), Didier Poskin (Belgium) and Karel Steylaerts (Belgium) during the Violoncelles en Folie Festival in the Hautes-Alpes. Since then they have performed regularly in France and abroad: at the Festival Messiaen (Pays de la Meije), Servais Society (Halle, Belgium), Salle Cortot (Paris) and have been invited as the resident ensemble at the Violoncelles en Folie Festival since 2011. The repertoire for cello quartet is not large. It does nevertheless include some jewels which deserve to be discovered.

In 2010 two Belgian, an Albanian and a Brazilian cellist met each other during the Festival Violoncello en Folie in Briancon, in the French Alps. Since then they perform in Belgium and France, and released their first CD ‘Légende‘ in 2015.The four cellists of the Tansman Cello Quartet do have the quality to illustrate the beautiful different types of the cello. The ensemble sounds both as an intimate quartet but can also shine as a full string orchestra.

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