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Eline Groslot

Belgian harpist Eline Groslot is is a renowned orchestral musician, chamber musician and soloist, with a strong interest in all art forms. Eline is the solo harpist of Brussels Philharmonic. As a musician, she is dedicated to the creation, performance and promotion of new music. In this regard she has played the world premiere of Robert Groslot's Concerto for Harp and orchestra at the World Harp Congress in Sydney and more recent the European premiere of John Williams’ Highwood Ghost for harp, cello and orchestra with Brussels Philharmonic.

In June 2021, Eline Groslot started her quest to find out what was/is being written for the harp in the 20th and 21st centuries. By recording repertoire and thus working very intensively with it, she is immersing herself as a harpist in the strong characteristics of her instrument. At the same time, she questions the technical difficulties for which the construction and mechanics of the harp are responsible.

With these characteristics in her pocket, she tries to give a unique 21st century view on the performance of this repertoire. Every recording, every finding is described in her blog:

At the end of this journey, Groslot aims to have recorded an extensive representative repertoire for harp from the canon as one big story. In doing so, she aims to inspire today's composers to continue writing for this wonderful instrument.

To stimulate the further development of both the instrument and its repertoire - and thus to support its continued viability - it is of the utmost importance to use compositions from the 20th century to the present day as the core of the repertoire structure for every harpist, composer and listener.

In this journey, she has moved away from the classic full album and is releasing each recording piece by piece. Her paths meander a lot, leading her each time to new questions of performance, which in turn lead to specific repertoire. The storyline is in the organic nature of her quest, which is often as surprising to Eline as it is to the listener.

The summer months of 2021 form a first series in which Benjamin Britten's Suite serves as the starting point of her adventure. Important chamber music repertoire for flute, viola and harp by Debussy and Takemitsu flank this Suite. A 21st-century work by Toshio Hosokawa keeps us looking to the future. The coming winter months will bring another short story that will whirl around the world in four months from December. To warm you up to the new series, the summer months have been bundled into GPSummer. Which was released on December 3rd.

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