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Boho Strings

What does classical music contribute to the modern world? What does it mean to be a classical musician in today’s internationalized society? Is it possible to present classical music as a source for societal self-reflection? The string orchestra Boho Strings seeks to answer these questions in an openminded and unconventional way. Inspired by the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of their homebase in the Antwerp district of Borgerhout, Boho Strings strives for a more inclusive, compassionate and understanding society through music. Boho Strings is a reflection of the super-diversity in our society. Algeria, Belgium, France, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey the United Kingdom and the United States – all these nationalities are represented among its musicians. This richness of backgrounds and experiences are a constant source of creative inspiration, which hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Boho Strings has acquired in short term a permanent place in the Belgian music scene, and with projects such as Trinity, La Captive and D-Radicalize!the ensemble is a regular guest at BOZAR, deSingel, De Bijloke, and Concertgebouw Brugge.

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