Roeland Hendrikx - New York Counterpoint

Spring 2020. Corona suddenly put a halt to public music making.
Some musicians provided relief from their windows, but that didn’t really suit Roeland Hendrikx.
For him, distance kills the fragility that comes with live performance.

So Antarctica Records teamed up with Roeland, MotorMusic and PXL Music, to create an immersive experience, that puts the listener in the middle of the performance.
The result is a 360° audio/video experience, dubbed "the harmony of isolation", an exciting performance of New York Counterpoint by Steve Reich.

Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint is a Minimalist masterpiece for 11 clarinets, performed by one clarinettist who plays and records each part sequentially. By deduplicating and incessantly confronting himself, Belgian clarinet virtuoso Roeland Hendrikx can appease Reich's electrifying soundscape, and exorcise his inner turmoil. Roeland and his avatars will submerge you in the harmony and disharmony, the fluidity and collision of the contrapuntal web they weave.

Roeland Hendrikx - New York Counterpoint




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