RedHerring Baroque Ensemble - La Muse et la Mise

This Flemish baroque ensemble was founded in 2011 by recorder player Patrick Denecker as the counterpart of his ensemble La Caccia for Renaissance music. The name of the Redherring ensemble (red herring) refers to a rhetorical technique to distract someone from the subject itself. Let that now be very appropriate for this new recording in which the attention is, as it were, derived from the pure harpsichord sound in the 17th and 18th-century suites of, among others, François Couperin and Charles Dieupart. The performers invoke the “mise en concert” practice in the 18th-century aristocratic salons: harpsichord music was transformed into ensemble pieces in a kind of gallant jam sessions, in which of course many more instrumental colors are dealt with. The first song a Musette by Couperin is immediately over: theorist Floris De Rycker and gambist Kaori Uemura provide a sonorous bourdon, the other instruments (violin, recorder, harpsichord) play the graceful melody in varying combinations. In all converted harpsichord pieces you get very beautiful and diverse instrument combinations.


1 F. Couperin Musette de Choisy (Troisième Livre 1722, Quinzième ordre) Musette de Taverni (Troisième Livre 1722, Quinzième ordre) - 2-8 Ch. Dieupart Quatrième Suite de Clavecin en concert 2-Ouverture 3-Allemande 4-Courante 5-Sarabande 6-Gavotte 7-Menuet 8-Gigue 9 Anonyme Dans les chansons que je compose Brunetes ou Petits Airs Tendres, Ch. Ballard Paris 1703 10-11 F. Couperin La Raphaéle (Second Livre ca.1716, Huitième ordre) Passacaille (Second Livre ca.1716, Huitième ordre) 12 J.B. Lully Se que me muero de amor Molière, Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, Paris 1670 13-19 F. Couperin Quatrième Concert Royal Concerts Royaux, Paris 1722 13 – Prélude 14 - Allemande 15 - Courante Françoise 16 - Courante à L’Italienne 17 – Sarabande 18 - Rigaudon 19 - Forlane(Rondeau) 20 F. Bouvard Chantez charmants oyseaux IVe Recueil d'Airs, Paris 1740 21 F. Couperin Les Papillons (Pièces de clavecin 1713, Second ordre) 22 J.B. Lully Je languis nuit et jour Molière, Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, Paris 1670 23 F. Couperin Les Silvains (Pièces de clavecin 1713, Premier ordre) 24 M.P. de Monteclair La bergère Cantates Troisième Livre, Paris 172 25 F. Couperin L’étincelante ou la Bontems Les graces naturelles (Second Livre ca.1716, Onzième ordre)




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