Izvora - Sur l’Autre Rive

IZVORA invites you to a sparkling, poetic and refined universe, surrounded by original compositions and arrangements and a sound that is sometimes intimate, and sometimes displays the virtuosity of the artists. Although we’re used to accordion player Christophe Delporte magnifying the music by Astor Piazzolla, it’s another, more secret fantasy, that he shares with the ex-pianist of the “Framboise Frivole”. A fantasy that is sprinkled with passionate inspiration, flirting with classical, jazz, and world music. Yves Gourmeur (piano) is, above all, an eclectic piano player, but also a composer with great melodic power, and a talent for combining several musical genres.

Rhonny Ventat (sax), the wind turbine of the group, seduces you with bewitching, sensual melodies, but also with improvisations that are sometimes dazzling, sometimes soothing.

Together with the flawless precision of percussion player Jérome Baudart and the exceptional, smooth and caressing bass lines by Adrien Tyberghein (double bass), IZVORA takes you on a musical and sensual trip. Flamboyant, between festive delusions, tenacious rhythms and lyrical melodies; daring to improvise, this quintet with multiple influences covers our souls with weightlessness, a soft , sweet and salty kiss.


The Fountain of Youth / Izvora / Trouble Water / Sur l'Autre Rive / Sagua la Chica / The Morning Dew / Au Fil de l'Eau / Kalahari /From Water to Life




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