Boho Strings - Nostalgia

On its first recording the Belgian ensemble Boho Strings showcases the versatility of composer Wim Henderickx, whose repertoire ranges from experiments in modernism to nearly silent transcendent soundscapes. Inasmuch as the works featured on this CD are revisions of earlier work – some specifically prepared for this recording – they capture the progress in a career which spans three decades. The most audible development is Henderickx’s heightened sensitivity to inspiration from the East, which lends exoticism and the occasional melancholy to a diverse but reassuringly recognizable oeuvre.


1 Four Pieces I. Furioso 03:18 2 Four Pieces II. Misterioso 03:33 3 Four Pieces III. Comodo 04:25 4 Four Pieces IV. Deciso 04:24 5 2 Nocturnes I. Largo 03:57 6 2 Nocturnes II. Lento 05:25 7 In Deep Silence I. Lento 04:13 8 In Deep Silence II. Piu lento 03:14 9 In Deep Silence III. Lento assai 03:58 10 Makyo 12:20 11 Nostalgia 08:18




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