Evil Penguin presents: Pieter Wispelwey & Paolo Giacometti F. Schubert & J. Brahms: The complete duos Coda

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

On this generous last instalment of their Schubert-Brahms pilgrimage, Pieter Wispelwey and Paolo Giacometti serve us three iconic sonatas, including a world premiere. In its original hue of G Major, Brahms’ first violin sonata op. 78 is more scintillating and transparent than the D-major cello adaptation, and much more enchanting in its opening Vivace. Brahms’ third violin sonata op. 108 fuses surprising ebullience with superior mastery of form, in an epic piece which is an undiluted kick in the groin when played on a cello. And thankfully, Pieter and Paolo revisit Schubert’s Arpeggione, that gem of intimacy, fragility, frivolity and humbling, unattainable beauty. A fitting final, in all respects.

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