Antarctica Records presents: Astoria POESIA

Tuesday, Oktober 1st, 2019

ASTORIA is an ensemble that varies between 4 to 25 artists, all schooled conservatory alumni, laureats of international competitions, and members of great orchestras. The ensemble defines itself by a notable energy, stringency and emotion. Like Astor Piazzolla, Astoria finds itself at the musical crossroad between traditional music, and classical music, with special attention for acoustics and recording techniques. Above all, the ensemble strives to preserve the rhythmic and melodic enchantment of the original works by the Argentinian master. With POESIA, Astoria offers you the greatest songs by Astor Piazzolla. Ever since its creation in 2004, Astoria presents the music by Astor Piazzolla on stage in Belgium and abroad. As such, they’ve participated in various festivals (Brussels Summer Festival, Basilica Festival Van Vlaanderen, Bugari Festival, Musiq’3 Festival, Festival de Castelfidardo (Italy), International Cyclades Festival (Greece), … . This vivid, vibrant music, full of love, pain, hope and melancholy​, grips you and immerses you in a sensational whirlwind. The “tango nuevo” standards are approached with a fresh look. Those who allow themselves to be taken on a trip through a plethora of emotions, ranging from tendre mischief to gentle nostalgia, passing exuberant joy, will travel from the outskirts of Buenos Aires, to the wideness of tropical landscapes.

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